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All are obliged to pay the Maintenance fees on time for your own benefit
Maintenance charges @ Rs.3.50/- per Sq.Ft per annum from the plot owners is being collected by the association for the betterment of the layout. This amount is utilised as follows:
  1. Maintenance of Jade Garden
    1. To maintain common Areas such as cleaning the Roads, Parks (Annex) greenbelt area and also to mark the Hedges and Fence/stone walls.
    2. To clean individual plots 4times in a year- removing the weeds etc.
    3. To remove garbage from individual plots and common area.
    4. To maintain Pumps, Water pipes, Lights and Power points etc.
    5. For water charges in case there is no water supply (pump repair)
  2. To Pay electricity charges for street lights and water pumps.
  3. To pay for the Diesel for Generators which is used during power cut.
  4. To maintain the Association office situated at Jade Garden.
  5. To pay for the security agencies to maintain security for 24 hours.
  6. To pay other agencies for their services rendered.
  7. To pay salary for office staff/electrician at Jade Garden.
  8. To pay Annual Audit Fees.
  9. Renewal of Registration of the Association.
  10. Postage and Courier Charges.
  11. Insurance premium for Staff members.
  12. To pay Income Tax.
  13. To locate water pumps , Drill Borewels and to fix pumps

Contingency Fund of Rs.10,000.00 per Plot is being collected at the time of association membership. this is to build up Reserve Fund.

Kindly pay the maintenance charges to enable us to serve you better. You pay on time and enable us to look after the layout in a professional manner which in turn will help the property prices to appreciate, (for those who are interested in selling their plots in future). For those of you who pay on time, we do appreciate your promptness and we look forward to working for the welfare of Jade Garden.
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