Jade Garden Plot Owners' Association
Elected Committee
Postponement of Special General Body Meeting Which was Scheduled on 5th Nov 2017
20th AGM Meeting

Dear Plot Owners/Members,


I would like to bring to your notice that Mr. Shivkumar investigating officer from Registrar of Societies Government of Karnataka, visited the Association office on 24th November,2017

, as scheduled for final round of investigation, he has collected few information and documents to  prepare  his report and  submit to the District registrar of Societies.


We requested him to give us a copy of the report to present it in the Special General Body Meeting; he informed our office that he will be able to prepare his report and hand over a copy to the association office in about three weeks.


Now under this circumstances we decided to postpone the ``Special General Body meeting`` for another date which was scheduled on 5th of Nov 2017. As soon as we receive the report we will inform the date of SGM. We have submitted all the necessary documents with evidence and given full support in his investigations, now we are waiting for the report.


For your information, one of the main agenda is to present the report which will be given by investigation officer, in the ``Special General Body meeting for discussions.






30th October, 2017
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